Tips to create decorative walls

Decorative Walls

Creatively designed walls add a unique look to the home décor.  And we all put extra effort to decorate the walls in the best of our ways. Though white washing or painting is not the only option to refurnish or decorate the walls of your home. And also you don’t need a huge budget every time to redecorate the walls. Rather, what it takes to create magic on the walls is just a little planning in the budget and creativity can make your wall look different and stylish.

Decorative Wall Paper: Wall Papers are among the best option to decorate walls. These are cost effective, easy to install and saves a lot of time as compared to painting walls. And above all you get ample of wall paper options to choose according to your choice and budget as well.

Mirrors: Mirrors are not only meant for the bathrooms or to be used for dressing purposes. Different shapes and sizes mirrors can create magic in the home décor while leaving the wall looking amazing. Mirrors makes the space look bigger and they are economical and requires a little bit of creativity. There are lots of different types of mirrors easily available in the market that includes antique mirrors, mosaic among many more, or you can even design mirrors by your own way.

Mementoes, wall stickers or symbols: If you are a frequent traveller, then you must have loads of mementoes which you can easily use to decorate the wall. Wall stickers and symbols such as puppets, decorative lamps, wind chimes and many more are also available in the market in various shapes and size. These home décor items are very easy to use and can be re-arranged ag and again without putting much effort.

Images: You can create your own customised wall by framing your own images with family and family of some cherished moments. It can be one single canvas or photo frames of different sizes and shapes arranged on the wall in a collage form. The pictures can also be of any monuments or scenery or any of your aesthetically creative images. The frames can comprise of your artworks as well. Quirky quotes, cartoons, or illustrations are also good decorative wall items.

Posters: Give some arty and dramatic look to your wall by putting up some film posters. These posters can be of old Bollywood movies  such as Sholay, Mughal-e-Azam or classic English movies like Gone with the Wind or Casablanca. Though it’s better to frame them, but you can put them on the wall casually as poster also. The posters add a unique style statement to the wall and looks stunning.

So if you are planning to redo your home décor, then try these simple, easy and budget friendly tricks to decorate your home walls

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